Mother’s Day Mexico (What Is the History of Mother’s Day in Mexico?)

Mother’s Day Mexico, Some northern Mexicans, who were impressed by their neighbors in the United States, started celebrating Mother’s Day in the early 20th century. Though, a newspaper in Mexico City took an article in it, with a huge media campaign and the Catholic Church’s help, placing the event in full swing.

Mother's Day Mexico

Mother’s Day Mexico

By the 1920s, some people in Mexico were worried that women were being removed from their primary role, such as having children. Contraceptive data are getting access, and women are starting to assert their priorities in politics and the expert world. To promote maternity, Mexican women’s magazine El Hooger joined forces with the La Association de las Damas Catholicos (the Catholic Women’s Association), which they opposed as a threat to traditional values. ۔ Rafael Alducin, the editor of the Mexican newspaper El Excelsior, joined the fight and arranged the first positive celebration of Mother’s Day in Mexico on May 10, 1922.

Alducin wrote and advertised an article establishing the relationship between maternal and common Mexican values. Early, the celebration of ideology began. The Archbishop of Mexico gave his proper approval over the holiday, and another fan openly declared that “the family is a sacred society unit.” Soon, photos of Madonna and Children adorned Mother’s Day cards and posters. This was very valuable, because the patrons of Mexico are the Lady of Guadalupe, so the holiday automatically gained patriotic meaning.

Mother’s Day received almost instant acceptance in Mexico. El Hogar announced a beautiful baby picture competition with Mother’s Day, and it was a huge achievement. The holiday has increased in approval, and now almost all Mexican family has celebrated it.

And just how do Mexican children honor their mother at La Dia de la Madre? Keep studying to find out what they are speaking about. What works.

Mother’s Day celebrations in Mexico.

Celebrating Mother’s Day in Mexico as in America. Children perform their mothers with candy, cards or flower gifts, and children who cannot stay at home on Mother’s Day usually call the mother to let them know that she is loved. Unlike in the United States, where Mother’s Day is forever the second Sunday in May, Mother’s Day in Mexico has a fixed date, May 10 – regardless of the day of the week.

In several families, children perform a small program for their mother, sing songs and maybe even a little skirt. Sometimes, schools help programs for student mothers, especially if May 10 falls on a school day. Children can dance, listen to jokes, and sing to entertain their maternal public.

Exactly like in the United States, Mother’s day lunch or dinner at a restaurant is common. Mexicans know that bookings are made several weeks ahead of time, as the restaurant will be crowded on May 10. Other families bring food to their mother’s house and enjoy a meal together. Most families try to put aside any differences for the day.

The sound of Mexico begins on Mother’s Day in some Mexican towns, where it is customary to wake up early in the morning to sing at his house. Those who can afford it hire the Trios or the Mariachi Band with them, though mamas welcome the same number of children who can’t raise a band and have to present themselves with musical awareness. Several families then attend a personal gathering, followed by a community breakfast.

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